Second Chance Mentor

You have the DREAM of becoming a physician. That’s not unique exactly – thousands of others share your dream. In fact, each application cycle there are far more applicants than seats available.

So how exactly do you move from DREAM to REALITY?

That’s where Second Chance Mentor comes in. We specialize in working with those who need second (or third, or fourth…) chances to take their dream to reality.

Whether you’re older than the “typical” pre-med, already have a career, have financial challenges, legal issues in your past, are a single parent with little or big kids relying on you, have imperfect grades or lower MCAT scores… whatever your issue(s), we will work with you. We also mentor current medical school students to help navigate the often overwhelming experience of learning on a completely different level than anything you’ve experienced before.

  • Help with the application process
  • Help with the re-application process
  • Personal Statement review
  • Suggestions for how to obtain stand-out shadowing experience
  • Overcoming barriers
  • How to study successfully – from obtaining a high MCAT to passing med school exams
  • How to successfully take a Leave Of Absence and return to school
  • Completely personalized mentoring for your personal experience

With one of our Second Chance Mentors, you’ll be tapping into strong experience – each Mentor has their own “second chance” story. None of our mentors went straight from college to medical school. And depending on your specific challenges, you’ll be matched with someone who will work with YOU to help you realize your dream.

Here’s some of the success stories we hear every day:

I thought pursuing medicine was impossible because of my grades weren’t all that great and I felt I couldn’t compete with other applicants. Working with my Mentor has been an amazing experience. Because of her, I had three interviews and just started medical school this year (2014). I can’t recommend Second Chance Mentor more highly – it made the difference to me between giving up, and realizing my dream.

I applied unsuccessfully for five years and nearly gave up. Then someone told me about Second Chance Mentor, and I decided to give it one more shot. With several strikes against me I figured it was hopeless, but it was not. My mentor worked with me for two years to fix what was fixable on my application, and helped me realize acceptance into medical school. I am so grateful!

I’m an older student and felt intimidated by the process of competing with younger students. I had several interviews over a couple of years, but never an acceptance. Working with my Mentor was just perfect for me – it helped build my confidence, and gave me very specific ways to enhance my application and get me that coveted acceptance letter.

What are you waiting for? How badly do you want to become a physician? If you’re ready to see if your particular set of challenges can be overcome, go ahead and send us a message and one of our Second Chance Mentors will get right back with you to schedule your initial free consultation to see if our mentoring services can help you reach your goals.

Its a big deal, this dream of mine. I have no family support, and a whole lot of ‘stuff’ that needed fixing. I finally feel like I’m on the right path. I had no idea how powerful it could be to apply in a way that set me apart from my competition. I’ve already had interview invites this year – for the first time ever. And I know exactly what to do when I attend those interviews. Second Chance Mentor is the best resource I’ve ever found to help me realize my dream.

You’ve worked hard – now let us help you take the next step. Contact us today and find out how we can help.