Second Chance Scholarship

The whole idea behind “Second Chance Doc” is second chances – or sometimes third or fourth or more chances.

I began medical school at IUHS  nine years after I sent off my first application. I know at a deep visceral level what its like to keep going against mighty and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Now its time to give back.

IUHS tends to appeal most to those students often classified as “nontraditional”.

Those who have taken a more circuitous route to medical school… perhaps having already had a career, applied repeatedly without success elsewhere, or being older than the typical medical student. And even though IUHS is absolutely dedicated to making med school as affordable as possible, sometimes making that monthly payment is still a struggle.

That’s where the Second Chance Scholarships can help.

Single parents, repeatedly denied applications, marginal MCAT scores, older than 25 (that one always gets me ha!), had a previous or current career but can’t shake the dream of medicine….

…the stories are all different, but each applicant’s journey to this point is powerful and important. Please note that Second Chance Scholarships funds, once awarded to a recipient, will be sent directly to the school, not to the student. We do this in order to protect the integrity of the scholarship fund, and make certain that the Second Chance Scholarship Fund will be around for a long time and will be able to help fund the medical education of deserving students.


The Second Chance Scholarship asks for the following.

  1. Essay explaining your journey to medical school, and how you would benefit from a scholarship to help pay for medical school tuition.
  2. Copy of your MCAT scores if you have taken the test.
  3. At least one reference letter from someone who knows you well (does not need to be a medical reference). All reference letters must include direct contact information and will be verified.
  4. Verification of medical school acceptance.

Applications are accepted by email only:, with SCHOLARSHIP APP in the Subject line. Applications are reviewed by a team of three people, and awards determined based on the numbers of applications received and funds available.


The Second Chance Scholarship Fund relies on donations and fundraisers. Those in a position to ‘give back’, and provide a way (sometimes the only way) for Second Chance Scholarship applicants to pursue their dream of becoming a physician are the most amazing folks.

You can also help by purchasing My Second Chance products from our store. Proceeds go directly to the Second Chance Scholarship fund.


There is no minimum donation accepted – from $25 contributions, to much larger gifts, your donation to the Second Chance Scholarship Fund will help students achieve their lifelong dream of becoming a physician. For more information, send an email inquiry to, with SCHOLARSHIP INQUIRY in the subject line, and one of our administrators will contact you with the information you need.

… for the love of medicine, and the passion for service …