How Badly Do You Want It?

I remember being an undergrad and moving back home to save on expenses. Not exactly what I was expecting to be doing when in my 40s, that’s for sure! But I discovered I was willing to do what it took to do well in all those crazy pre-med classes I was completely unprepared for, and a great deal of that “doing well” simply required lots and lots of time. Living at home allowed me to focus exclusively on my studies.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m once again needing to make an adjustment. Sadly, the intervening years brought a house fire that completely destroyed my family’s home, so that’s no longer an option. So I’ve been snooping around looking for a much smaller place that will accommodate me, an adult child, and three German Shepherd dogs.

Its a dream-switch that is a bit uncomfortable actually. Rather than building always toward home ownership again (following divorce and life-stuff), in some ways I’m going backwards in order to go forwards.

Because I want medicine more than anything.

When you’re passionate about a goal, you’re willing to do absolutely whatever it takes. In my case, I have the amazing privilege of attending a medical school that doesn’t allow me to go into debt; that means I have a monthly payment on top of living expenses. So stress-reduction means limiting the expenses I can control by seriously downsizing. And quite honestly, once the decision was made, a whole heap of angst was lifted off my shoulders.

Do you have a thing you’re willing to pursue no matter what? Have you chosen to make sacrifices in the pursuit of that goal? I’m discovering that those sacrifices are nothing compared to the gift of being able to walk boldly forward, knowing that this is another big step in the right direction.

Now, back to the books!

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