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The new world of medical education

If you’re like me, you have a burning passion for medicine. The study of it, the practice of it, the need to serve.

However, unless you’re a 20-something rock star, you may be shuttled aside from mainstream medical education.

Issues such as imperfect grades, a late start, or geographic location all impact whether or not you’ll be accepted into the next year’s M1 class. Then there’s the financial issues. Fears about residency spots. Loud opinions by family and friends.

Pursuing your dream of medical education, however, does not mean going to a foreign country, putting up with sub-par education, or going into debt to the tune of a half million dollars or so.

There’s another option.

International University of Health Sciences started with a dream to create a medical school accessible by all.

  • Top quality course instructors who are practicing physicians and/or current professors at US medical schools, many of whom also help prepare board exams.
  • Patient contact from day one.
  • Small class size meaning one-on-one instruction and support.
  • Board prep starting from the first day of class.
  • Cutting edge technology.
  • NO DEBT.

When you’re ready to accept that no matter what, you simply must pursue your dream of medicine, check out IUHS.