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Diving Deeper

When I was an undergrad, one of my pet peeves was the speed at which we would plow through subjects. It felt like we were skimming along on a speed boat, with the professor standing inĀ the bow screaming out the names of what we were passing with instructions to “know that!”, whether we took the time to really understand it or not.

Memorize chemical formulas, memorize DNA structure and function, be able to describe the steps involved in a Biochemical reaction…

Then, in grad school, it was so refreshing to settle in to (mostly) really understand what we were studying, and I loved every moment of it.

Medical school is back to the speed boat in some ways. Just exponentially more speed boat trips and high volume of things we’re instructed to “know”.

So, I’m taking a couple of years out to DIVE DEEPER. I’m working on a PhD in Stem Cell Biology, one of the areas of medical science that I am deeply passionate about, especially when applied to neurological disorders and diseases. There is exciting research in the works that suggests that stem cell science may provide relief for those suffering from things like Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries.

Last night I spent hours reading – human stem cell science is absolutely fascinating, and I’m thrilled once again to step off the speed boat and settle in to learn a subject in depth.

Med school will be waiting for me – for now, this is an amazing experience. I might be in my 60s by the time I complete this processĀ and have two “Doctor” titles after my name, but that’s okay. Ultimately, the study of medicine, and the study of cell science, is thrilling and energizing and both feed my need to focus on the good medicine can do, especially for neurological disorders.

Stay tuned for more steps I take on this grand adventure!